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Elizabeth's Journal

4 June 1976
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PLEASE READ BEFORE ADDING ME: I use bad language. I sometimes discuss sex and other personal issues. Please don't add me if you are under the age of 18, a religious nut out to save all of us heathens, or have no sense of humor. Thank you.

Upadate (October 29, 2006): Um, wow. Has it been two years? Anyway, I guess that is what you get when you get a new computer, forget the password to all your accounts (email, LJ, etc.), discover the old computer's hard drive laying around, and see what is on it. I no longer use the layout made by tobey_babey.

Update (October 30, 2004): tobey_babey made my layout. Thank you!

Update (September 25, 2004): Oh, dear. It appears that I had forgotten all about my little journal. Real life got in the way. Nana is now (thankfully) out of the hospital and is creating chaos and disorder wherever she goes. I got laid off from both of my jobs and now work in a hellish environment. I miss my Life Journal, and decided to post again. Thank goodness it wasn't deleted forever!

Update (December 11, 2003): A couple of us on my friend's list got together and created a new community: dirtyworku: How to Annoy the People Who Annoy You. Come check us out!

Update (November 2, 2003): It appears that my (rather lofty) ideal of making this a semi-serious journal went down the crapper. Oh, well. This way is much more fun.

Panic Level of the United States:

I am a Pagan and practice Witchcraft. No, I will not curse your ex-boyfriend nor will I give you a love spell, so please don't ask.

Outside of mythology, I enjoy reading science fiction, true crime books, science fiction, murder mysteries, science fiction, biographies, science fiction, comparative religion texts, science fiction, horror novels, and books on the ancient socities. Did I mention I like to read science fiction? I also enjoy writing fiction and non-fiction.

I am a dedicated night-owl, who firmly believes that the world should start accommodating those of us that stay up until 3 in the morning and wake up at one in the afternoon.

WARNING: I am a serious science fiction geek. My dad introduced me to "Star Trek" (the original series) when I was six and I have been hooked ever since, at least until Voyager. Don't get me started on what the producers did to that show.

What else? Mmmmm...oh yeah, I am insane. Just kidding. But I am weird. Oh, did I mention that I read science fiction?

Please note: My journal includes my insane take on life. My opinions are to very often LIBERAL. I welcome thoughtful debate, but will not tolerate BS or drama.

This journal is friends only. If you would like to include me as a friend, please look over my interests and if we have anything in common please leave a comment. I am 99.9% likely to friend you. ♥ ♥ ♥

If you do not like quizzes, memes, etc. please let me know in the comments and I will filter those posts so you do not see them.

~~Other Stuff~~

The WeatherPixie

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy

In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.
You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho

Your Boobies' Names Are...

The Blind Melons

You Are 16% Capitalist, 84% Socialist

You see a lot of injustice in the world, and you'd like to see it fixed.
As far as you're concerned, all the wrong people have the power.
You're strongly in favor of the redistribution of wealth - and more protection for the average person.

You Have Your Sarcastic Moments

While you're not sarcastic at all times, you definitely have a cynical edge.
In your opinion, not all people are annoying. Some are dead!
And although you do have your genuine moments, you can't help getting your zingers in.
Some people might be a little hurt by your sarcasm, but it's more likely they think you're hilarious.
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